Axsys provides a wide range of tooling for virtually any dental manufacturing application. Whether it be a drill, ball, bull or flat end mill, solid carbide, coated carbide or even diamond coated carbide we supply some of the best available on the market.

Take advantage of the machining knowledge obtained by our Application Engineers from hundreds of man years of experience machining hard, abrasive and even flammable materials with large and extremely small cutting tools.

We strive to provide the strongest possible tooling with the greatest resistance to wear and a fair price point.
Axsys has not only proven and extensively tested the tooling but we can also help fine tune your machining templates to provide optimal machining times, longest wear and the best blend between surface finish and short cycle times.

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0.3mm DLC Coated Ball End Mill (Versamill 5XS)


0.6mm High Hardened Ball End Mill (Versamill 5XS)

0.6mm CrN Coated Ballnose Endmill (Versamill 5XS)

Versamill OEM Toolings
Made in the U.S.A.
0.6mm CrN Ball End Mill for PMMA, Wax, PE, PEEK and more.

0.6mm Dia. Diamond Grinding Tool

0.6mm diameter diamond coated grinding tool for Glass-ceramics . (Versamill 5X400 and 5X300).

0.6mm Ultra-Diamond Ballnose Endmill

0.6mm Ultra-Diamond CVD Ballnose Endmill for Versamill 5X400 & 5X300

0.6mm Ultra-Diamond Ballnose Endmill (Versamill 5XS)

0.6mm Ultra-Diamond CVD Ballnose Endmill for Versamill 5XS