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Scaleable, Upgradeable, and Customizable.

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Right For Any Practice, Dental Laboratory, or Production Facility           

TrimExpert™ is a modular solution designed to operate within existing workflows and meet any production requirements.

TrimExpert is the first of its kind to offer a modular and scalable solution for the trimming of dental appliances. Designed to work within your budget, with TrimExpert you can choose your desired level of automation and expand your capabilities as your business grows and production requirements or processes change.

With TrimExpert there are no additional, on-going "aligner fees" or "licensing fees" to decrease your profitability.

Modular Software

Trimexpert is designed to work within existing production workflows. Modular software components provide trim line definition, machine code calculation, verification, part identification and more.

The modularity of TrimExpert minimizes your costs while minimizing production disruptment and protecting your existing investment in technology

Choose Your Machine

Best Dental Mill

The key to an effective, reliable system is the quality of the machine chosen to perform the milling operation. That’s a big reason our Versamill line of precision dental machining centers is your best choice.

Versamill 5-axis machines are built utilizing the same quality construction techniques utilized by many, large-frame industrial machines that cost tens to hundreds of thousands more.

The highly versatile Versamill 5X400 is the perfect choice for lower production requirement while our flagship, Versamill 5X200 is the workhorse that will meet any high-production requirements. Our Versamill 5X450 falls nicely between these two world-class dental machining centers.

No matter the choice, each machine is built for long-term, dependable operation and can also function as an open-source dental mill fully capable of producing a wide variety of restorations of outstanding quality, perfect fits, and the tinnest of restorative margines.

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Choose Your Software

Trim Line Generator
Optional Software Module

Standalone utility used to analyze the STL CAD model, then calculate and extract the required trim line. This module is not required if trim lines are supplied in your prodution enviornment.

Toolpath Generator
Outputs 5-Axis Toolpath

Standalone utility used to calculate and export machine and control specific, 5-axis machining toolpath from a supplied CAD STL model and associated trim line.

Verification Software
Prevents Damaging Inter-Machine Collisons

Powerful, optional software that examines toolpath and checks against tool, model, fixture, & machine components to assure a collision-free path.

Case Orginization & Tracking
Flexible & Customizable

Module used to track and organize patient case data and assure all CAD STL models, trim lines, & toolpath data are identified and processed correctly.

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Quality Construction, Powerful Software, and Expert Integration Provide Quality & Reliability

Appliances can be trimmed in under 60 seconds requiring minimum post-machining hand-work

Protect Your Investment

As your business changes and the need to increase production or add new capabilities to meet the new demand, your investment is protected as Trimexpert solutions are both upgradeable and scalable.

Trimexpert solutions are both upgradeable and scalable. So when your business changes and you need to increase production or add new capabilities to meet new demand, your investment is protected. Add software components as required, set-up individual cells with a single robot to manage multiple machines or move appliance models from one operation to another—from a thermo-former to the machine or from the machine to a deburring station for example. There are a myriad of possibilities and with Trimexpert, the sky’s the limit.

Choose Your Level of Automation

Best Dental Mill

Trimexpert has a solution to meet your needs. With Trimexpert you can choose from three levels of automation: A hybrid manual semi-automated process utilizing an operator to load and unload each appliance, an automated process utilizing the latest robotic technology to facilitate production, or a fully automated system that can transfer appliances to and from various operations in a production workflow.

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Baseline Automation
Semi-Automatic Process

This level of automation serves as the baseline for Trimexpert’s automation capabilities. With FOUNDATION, appliance trim lines are identified, NC toolpath is generated and files are kept organized. All necessary interfaces, safety mechanisms, fixtures, programming logic, etc. are included to assure maximum productivity.

Fully Automatic
Robotic Operation

This level of automation expands on FOUNDATION by adding robotic loading, unloading, and cycle initiation, thereby eliminating the need for an operator to attend to those functions. If you are looking to free resources, gain production reliability, and reduce your costs, this is the solution for you.

Entire Process Automation
Perfect for Large-Scale Production

This level of automation expands on the functionality of Trimexpert AUTOMATE by providing additional robotic functionality. The robot control can include transport to and from any location, process, machine etc. that is included in the workflow for which automation is possible. This may include thermoforming, laser etching, deburring, and more.

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There is a reason we have earned awards for our ability to provide robust state-of-the-art solutions in the ever-changing world of digital dentistry.

Axsys is unique in its ability to leverage over 800 man-years of experience in CAD, CAM, and manufacturing across a wide variety of industries. Our key relationships with software, material, and machine suppliers allow us to provide dental professionals with the open products and services necessary to compete and be profitable in today’s digital dentistry world.

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"It’s a pleasure working with such an organized, knowledgeable, and action oriented team like Axsys Dental Solutions. I wish all my projects and suppliers were like Axsys Dental. We look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come".

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