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iMetric 3D SA

Producers of the most accurate scanner in the dental market

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Combining accuracy with reliability and simplicity

The new, affordable and accurate scanning system for use in dental laboratories, milling centers or practices.

iScan L1
3 Models to Choose From

Your best choice for scanning dental models and impressions.

For Labs & Practices
Fast Scan Times

Eliminates the need to create plaster models. Simply mount the impression in the Imetric impression holder and scan.

Speed & Data Quality
Easier Workflows

Newly rewritten scanning with new hardware and controller - no more process delays.

Implant Scanning
Most Accurate Available

Precision of less than 5µm using implant position functionality and iMetric approved adapter.

iScan L1i

Since 2008 Imetric scanners in the 'i' level have been used for the majority of implant superstructures
manufactured with CADCAM technology in the world.

Scanners & Indications

iScan L1
Impressions, dental models and check-bites. Standard indications, such as crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays etc.
iScan L1im
Implant models for the production of custom abutments and multi-implant restorations, impressions, dental models and check-bites. Standard indications, such as crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays etc.
Impressions, dental models and check-bites. wax-ups, high-accurancy determination of implant positions and orientation with scan adapters.


Single Die: Approximately 30 seconds

9 Dies (Multi-die): Approximately 30 seconds

Full-arch Model: Approximately 30 seconds


Heterodyne phase shift-based structured white light combined with photogrammetry 
Scan Volume
Diameter 110 mm, up to 80 mm height 
Two cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixels 
Multi-die Scanning
< 5 µm (depending on surface of object)
15 µ over complete arch
15 µ over complete arch.
L1i only: <5 µm for implant positions scanned with I metric certified scan adapters.
29 cm width x 36 cm depth x 52 cm height
29 cm width x 36 cm depth x 52 cm height15kg
100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2A 

Clients Say

"... we integrated the IScan D104i in our laboratory and finally achieve the consistently high accuracy needed for complex implant-based structures."

David Leeson
Glidewell Laboratories

"Today, the high accuracy and reliability of Imetric scanners are the reason why we recommend them to colleagues."

Gert Mullens

T and i-Series Dental Scanners

Power, Speed and Versatility for Your Lab

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Increase performance of your lab and dental practice.

Medit offers a broad product portfolio to cover the needs of any lab or dental practice.

Solutions to Fuel Your Growth

Explore 3D scan solutions to enhance your workflow, productivity and ensure precise results.

Dental Clinic Solution
i500 IOS

With its impressive speed and powderless system, the i500 allows for a smoother scanning experience, shortening turnaround time and increasing the productivity of your clinic.

The i500 and its accompanying software is easy to understand for all users, and it is simple to incorporate the system into your practice or lab.

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Speed and accuracy with 2MP cameras

Model Free Workflow with automatic 3-axis, double-sided auto impression scanning. You can simply scan the impression immediately upon arrival in the lab and begin designing.

Medit's quality hardware and software work together to bring your lab the fastest scanner in the dental industry.

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Quality & affordability with 2MP cameras

Advanced Data Processing and High Resolution Cameras The Medit T-series has revolutionized data precision with state-of-the-art software technology, high-resolution cameras and blue light scanning technology.

Model Free Workflow with manual 2-axis impression scanning.

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Working Together is Always Better

Medit Link is a collaborative tool that facilitates communication between dentists and labs to support patient-centered workflows. Medit Link systematically manages a series of digital dentistry workflows including the scanning process, ordering and manufacturing of prosthetics, and other processes.

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The Dental Industry’s Fastest Lab Scanner

With the T500, you can scan a full arch within 12 seconds or eight dies within 19 seconds.


High Accuracy
The most demanding bridges, implants and bar designs require the highest accuracy. Using state-of-the-art blue light scanning technology, the T-series is able to capture the highest-quality scans with < 7 micron accuracy.
Advanced Data Processing and High Resolution Cameras
Sharper edges and crisper details from T-series scanners.

The Medit T-series has revolutionized data precision with state-of-the-art software technology, high-resolution cameras and blue light scanning technology.
Replicate Dentures
Replicate and archive existing dentures or create a surgical or radiographic guide with fast, accurate, high-quality scans from Medit T-series scanners and colLab 2017 scan software.


Flexible Multi-Die: Efficient work in fewer steps.

Full Size Scanning: The T-series has been designed to fit any articulator available on the market.

coLab 2017: Next generation scan software provides Medit users with new scan strategies and optimum scan data quality.


Scanning Volume
90mm x 72 mm x 60mm
Scanning principle
Phase-shifting optical triangulation
290mm x 290mm x 340mm
Impression scanning
3-axis automatic
Light source
Blue LED
USB 3.0 B type
Scan speed (full arch)
12 sec


3-axis impression arm
Color texture scan module
Flexible multi-die
Articulator plate
KAS jig
Touch sensor
AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz

Warranty: 2 years warranty plus an additional 2 years of free spare parts replacement.


Scanning Volume
90mm x 72 mm x 60mm
Scanning principle
Phase-shifting optical triangulation
290mm x 290mm x 340mm
Impression scanning
2-axis manual
Light source
Blue LED

USB 3.0 B type
Scan speed (full arch)
24 sec


3-axis impression arm
Color texture scan module
Flexible multi-die
Articulator plate
KAS jig
2-Axis manual impression jig
AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz

Warranty: 2 years warranty.


The easy entry into digital dentistry.

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Unparalleled performance at a competitive price.

The MEDIT i500, the latest intraoral scanner, in three words: Value, Efficiency and Productivity.


The i500 uses an open CAD / CAM system, allowing you to export STL files from Medit LINK and distribute them to your favorite lab or easily transfer files and track progress throughout your workflow.

Impressive speed.

Using two high-speed cameras, the i500 scans quickly and efficiently. With the intelligent scan detection algorithm, the i500 resumes scanning where it is left for an optimal scanning experience.

The i500 delivers high-resolution images to the user and helps determine the accuracy of the scan. Enhanced image quality, extremely realistic, allows you to make a distinction between dental and soft tissue, allowing you to easily locate margins and undercuts.


The unique button of the i500 allows the user to start and stop scanning at any time without having to reach the computer. Press the button once to start scanning and once again to stop. When the scan is complete, point the tip down to move to the next stage in the scanning state.

Precision (Repeatability) = 2.1 μm (± 0.58 μm)
Trueness (Accuracy) = 4.2 μm (± 0.49 μm)

Intuitive use

Medit Link uses friendly and efficient dashboards so you can access the summary of all your data at a glance.

Track all order information, including cost, scan type, and patient visit rates, allowing you to easily manage performance and communicate effectively with your partners.

The I500 does not require the use of powder, which makes the scanning process more uniform and more enjoyable for the patient. Also, the tip of the scanner is beneficial for both the user and the patient, with simplicity in handling and increased patient comfort.

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Facts, Comparisons and Return on Investment

Color scanning of the highest precision


You can lock the scan area by painting it and locked (colored) area will not be updated by further scanning. Use this feature to fix retracted gingiva after immediate scanning as it might collapse. You can still trim the locked surface. Deleted locked surface can be re-scanned.

Watch the Video

The occlusion analysis feature quickly controls and displays the interference between the maxilla and mandible and shows the results with the color map.

See it In Action

The iScan software automatically finds the occlusion with a simple scan of the bite.

Live Demo

This feature allows you to analyze the undercut area based on insertion direction. You can set the insertion direction via two methods (auto or manual direction).

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Medit Link

Medit’s new workflow management and communication software, Medit Link, was developed to enhance your performance. Its integrated Cloud Storage and open data architecture ensures that your clinic’s performance is optimized, while supporting your everyday CAD processes with its real-time workflow management and communication tools.

In addition, Medit Link enables you to stay focused on your important tasks by giving you an overview of your current digital processes and associated costs.

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Safe, Secure and Compliant

Medit Link is a platform business model that creates value by facilitating exchanges between two or more interdependent groups.

Cloud storage is provided that is HIPA compliant and secured, with the highest standards that facilitates instant file exchange between groups. allowing the dentist to securely transfer patient scan data, in real time to the Laboratory. Workflow management options are provided to allow you practicioners to follow open orders and see when they are ready for delivery.

Manage and distribute your work while maintaining process control.

Supporting all existing workflows and restorations.

An Ecosystem for Everyone

The combination of the i500 and Tabletop Scanner connected with Medit Link allows the participants in the Medit Link ecosystem to follow any current workflow strategy.

Scan cases and send to a laboratory for design and milling services, to an in-house lab in the clinic, to a milling center for the physical creation of the restauration, or if desired provide same-day dentistry services. There are no limits set for the participants in the Medit Link ecosystem.

The Medit Link ecosystem is based on an open-platform that allows anyone in the CAD/CAM world to join, regardless of the scanner they currently use. Anyone can join, at no cost and take advantage of the extensive benefits provided by Medit Link.

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Cloud Storage
Cloud storage is becoming a basic necessity as files and information go digital. That is why Medit Link is packaged with Cloud storage which provides you with the ideal storage space for all of your patients’ files. You can save both digital impressions and patient treatment information securely on the cloud. This eliminates the need to physically store and organize impressions, allowing you to invest your time and money in treating your patients instead of organizing deliveries and storage facilities. All data stored in Medit Link is compliant with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) so you can be assured that your data is safe and protected.
3D Viewer
After completing the scanning process in iScan, you can preview the final image via the 3D viewer in Medit Link.
Medit Link also allows you to easily analyze your digital performance. You will never again need to go through stacks of invoices to calculate if your treatment solutions are economically viable for your clinic. You can now get an overview of the costs associated with your digital workflow within seconds, thanks to our integrated analyzation tools.


Real-time communication. Enabling real-time communication between you and your lab,

Payment/Collection Management. Payment collection and management system.

Dashboard. User-friendly and effective dashboards so you can access a summarized form of all your data at a glance.


18 x 15.2 mm (WxH)
Handpiece Length
266 mm
Imaging Technology
3D-in-motion video technology
3D full color streaming capture
USB 3.0
Scanning FOV
14 x 13 mm

Clients Say

""I would recommend giving Medit i500 a try to any dentist.""

Dr. Yun
Columbia Dental Clinic

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