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AxZir TT Vida Color Shading Liquids

AxZir is produced by one of the largest zirconia manufacturer in the world and with over 45% market share, the biggest in China. Their products are exported to more than 69 countries in the world.
All of our products are CE, FDA certified.

Intended use: Coloring Liquid is a liquid used for the complete or partial coloration of milled AxZir zirconia substructure and anatomy before sintering.

Benefits include:

AxZir TT-Multilayer Dental Zirconia

AxZir zirconia, from one of the largest supplier of dental restorative materials in the world, has been approved by national and international authorized certifications, such as SFDA, ISO 13485, CE & FDA.

TT-Multilayer -- Super translucent zirconia, for crowns and bridges especially full contour crowns and bridges

Multilayer zirconia discs are available in 7 popular shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2 & C2.

AxZir XT-Multilayer Dental Zirconia

AxZirXT Multilayer zirconia provides natural gradients of color, translucency and strength producing restorations of unmatched aesthetics and strength representing true innovation in dental material and revolutionizing dentistry once again.

AxZirXT Multilayer Zirconia discs are available in VITA classical A1-D4® shades.

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Sagemax NexxZr S

Sagemax NexxZr S is the highest strength zirconia with a biaxial flexure strength of 1500 Mpa. It has multiple uses, as lab technicians can create beautiful dental restorations by veneering porcelains over this material. NexxZr S represents the ultimate restorative material, offering Esthetics, Strength, and Versatility.