Versamill 5X, 4X100, 5X450, 5X200, & 5X500(L) OEM Tooling

Tooling for Versamill 5X, 4X100, 5X450, 5X200, and 5X500(l) for all supported material types.


Tools for this category are 6mm Shank with a 5mm shoulder grind for compatibility with the Arum Tool Pockets.

Tools include:

  • Ball Endmills for Zirconia.
  • Drills, Ball and Flat Endmills for Metal.
  • Ball Endmills for Glass-ceramics.
  • Specially Designed Ball Endmills for PMMA, Wax, PEEK and more.

Choice of Versamill OEM or Masterpiece, extended-wear tooling from Axsys Dental Soluttions

Sizes range from 0.3mm to 4.0mm in: diamond crystaline (CVD and DLC coated) and high-hardness TiSIN, AlTiN, HSN, treated carbide.