Versamill 5X300 and 5X400 OEM Tooling

Available tools include:
1. Ballnose endmills
2. Flat endmills
3. Drills
4. Diamond grinding tools.
Our Manufacturer and Coating facilities are all ISO quality certified. We currently have 4 different coatings for our milling tools.
1. Ultra-Diamond  (crystalline diamond) - Chemical Vapor deposition (CVD) process
2. Standard (Amouphous carbon/ Diamond like(DLC)) - Physical Vapor deposition (PVD) process
3. PMMA (CrN-modified)  - Physical Vapor deposition (PVD) process
4. Metal (AlTiN)  - Physical Vapor deposition (PVD) process
Tool design / gemetry
The vast majority of the tools we offer have a low-helix angle of 30°.  The low angle allows less chatter / movement in the cut and stronger tools.
Tolerance: +0.00 ,  -0.01