Suprê HT Glass-ceramic Ingots

Suprê is a kind of lithium disilicate glass- ceramic block which is suited for use in the pressing technique.

Suprê ingots are available in two translucency levels.

Suprê HT
Suprê HT ingots are supplied in 6 A–C Vita and 2 bleach shades. Due to their high translucency – similar to that of natural enamel – these ingots are suitable for producing small restorations (e.g. inlays). The restorations are customized utilizing the staining technique.

Suprê LT
Suprê LT ingots are supplied in 7 A–C Vita and 2 bleach shades. Their low translucency – similar to that of natural dentin – renders these ingots suitable for creating large restorations (e.g. posterior crowns). The esthetic appearance of the restorations is maximized by the cut-back technique.

Suprê is packaged in sets of (10) in size D13-10.

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    Application Selection Guide

    The chart below provides a guide for application usage from an aesthetic point of view, and taking into account the ideal translucencies for such applications.


    Material type should be selected according to the following criteria:

    • The color of the final restoration
    • The color of prepared abutment
    • The shape, size and thickness of the restoration
    • The processing technique of the restoration
    • The final restoration's bonding material and color of the adhesives
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Polident Full Denture PMMA Discs

POLIDENT FULL DENTURE PMMA CAD-CAM DISCS can be used to mill digitally designed highly esthetic and functional full dentures.


Discs could be used for immediate load implant denture as a long term provisional in combination with denture teeth and titanium connectors.

The denture bases and other structures are designed in CAD Software.

A 5-Axis milling machine is required, to reach undercut areas.

Teeth can be milled directly or used in conjunction with artificial teeth which are attached on denture base with PMMA resin or light curing composite material with proper primer.

Diameter: 95 – 105 mm. Thickness: 30mm (denture base layer 18mm, dentin layer 12mm).

Indications:  full dentures

Shades: Pink / dentin layer: A1, A2, A3. Other shades available upon request.

Suprême LT Glass-ceramic Blocks

Suprême.cad is a kind of lithium disilicate glass- ceramic block which is suited for CAD/CAM applications.

Suprême.cad is packaged in sets of (5) in size 15-12-10 and packaged in sets of (4) for size 50-15-15.

Material Properties
Popular in chair-side system restorations for its outstanding aesthetics, dental lithium disilicate glass-ceramics (CAD/CAM) has lower hardness before crystallization and can be quickly milled to a crown. The final strength is greater than 300Mpa after crystallization.

This material can be utilized for high-efficiency aesthetic restorations such as: veneers, inlays, onlays, partial crowns, anterior crowns, posterior crowns etc.

This form of ceramic block is utilized in a CAD/CAM system in a crystalline state (with a lilac color appearance) which is manufactured on a CNC milling machine utilizing a grinding technique.

After milling is completed, a porcelain furnace is used to crystallize the material at a temperature of 840-850°C yielding a restoration with a bi-axial flexural strength between 300Mpa-420Mpa.

Suprême UP-CAD blocks have been divided into two categories according to their respective translucency characteristics:
  • HT - High Translucency, VA-VD 16 color system: A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B1/B2/BL1/BL2
  • LT - Low Translucency, VA-VD 16 color system: A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B1/B2/C1/C2/D2/BL1/BL2

Download the Usage Instructions

Suprême UP-CAD is packaged in sets of (5) in size 15-12-10 and packaged in sets of (4) for size 50-15-15.

Polident Multilayer PMMA Discs

POLIDENT MULTILAYER PMMA CAD-CAM DISCS are ideal for obtaining a perfect color effect of temporary crowns and bridges in a single step.

These multi-layered discs are produced with 5 gradient layers in colors of: enamel, dentin and cervical to provide a natural look.

Benefits: Strength and Stability, High Luster Polish-ability, Excellent Machinability, Absolute Bio-compatibility.