Suprê HT Glass-ceramic Ingots

Suprê is a kind of lithium disilicate glass- ceramic block which is suited for use in the pressing technique.

Suprê ingots are available in two translucency levels.

Suprê HT
Suprê HT ingots are supplied in 6 A–C Vita and 2 bleach shades. Due to their high translucency – similar to that of natural enamel – these ingots are suitable for producing small restorations (e.g. inlays). The restorations are customized utilizing the staining technique.

Suprê LT
Suprê LT ingots are supplied in 7 A–C Vita and 2 bleach shades. Their low translucency – similar to that of natural dentin – renders these ingots suitable for creating large restorations (e.g. posterior crowns). The esthetic appearance of the restorations is maximized by the cut-back technique.

Suprê is packaged in sets of (10) in size D13-10.

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    Application Selection Guide

    The chart below provides a guide for application usage from an aesthetic point of view, and taking into account the ideal translucencies for such applications.


    Material type should be selected according to the following criteria:

    • The color of the final restoration
    • The color of prepared abutment
    • The shape, size and thickness of the restoration
    • The processing technique of the restoration
    • The final restoration's bonding material and color of the adhesives