Sagemax SageWAX

Manufacturer part number: W9810WXBL7
Sagemax offers a high quality machinable wax designed for use with various cad/cam systems. Its density and milling capabilities makes it ideal for different designs. Sagemax wax discs are a blend of wax and acrylic, merging the best qualities of each. The ease of machinability of wax combined with the higher melting point of acrylic allows the user to cast directly.
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    SageWAX™ Machinable Dental Waxb from Sagemax®

    SageWAX™ also Burns Out Clean, Leaves No Residue, is Ash Free and Easily Machined with a Low Coefficient of thermal expansion.
    SageWax provides for an Excellent Fit After Casting and is available in blue, white or beige... inquire about custom colors.
    SageWAX Compatible Machines:

    • Arum Versamill
    • Wieland Zeno
    • Roland DWX
    • ZirkonZahn
    • Roeders High Speed Dental
    • Armann Girbach Ceramill
    • and many more...


    Blue Wax:

    • Cast Copings
    • Full Contour Cast
    • Burnout and Press Over Zirconia
    • All Burnout and Cast Needs
    • Pressing and Over Pressing


    • Diagnostic Presentations
    • All Burnout and Cast


    • All waxing needs where a different esthetic appearance is desired
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Sagemax Brylic™ PMMA Gradient Blanks

PMMA-poly methyl methacrylate is the Sagemax® transparent thermoplastic material often used as an alternative to glass ceramics.

It is primarily designed for production of long or short term temporary restorations. Available in various shades, this material serves well for clinical as well as laboratory needs.

Benefits: Strength and Stability, High Luster Polishability, Perfect Fits, Excellent Machinability, Absolute Biocompatibility, Stainable Available Colors: Clear, White, Pre-Shaded- A1, A2, A3, A4, B/C