PRIMODENT Acrylic Artificial Teeth

Three-layered polymethylmethacrylate PRIMODENT teeth are artificial teeth that come in a wide range of forms, sizes and shades, and are suitable for the production of top-quality partial and total dentures.

To produce PRIMODENT teeth Polident uses top-quality materials and appropriate technological processes that assure the color and heat stability of the teeth, strong resistance to abrasion and solvents and durable adhesion with denture base material.

To assure constant quality and the proper shade, PRIMODENT teeth undergo three different visual inspections as well as other standard tests and analyses

  • 27 forms of upper anterior teeth that are subdivided into 3 subgroups (oval, square, triangular).
  • 10 forms of lower anterior teeth.
  • 8 sets of posterior teeth.

PRIMODENT teeth are available in 16 shades, harmonized with the VITAPAN® CLASSIC shade guide and 19 shades harmonized with the CHROMASCOP® shade guide.

You can order PRIMODENT teeth either as a complete set of 28 teeth for total denture or as a separate set of 6 or 8 teeth (A6 upper anterior, A6 lower anterior, A8 lower posterior, A8 upper posterior). To identify the optimal aesthetic and functional solution for your customer we have prepared a list of suggested combinations of different anterior and posterior sets. You can find it in our PRIMODENT leaflet.