Phrozen Shuffle 4K

Phrozen Shuffle 4K Ultra Fine 4K HD Resolution UV/DUP Printing for the masses. Phrozen Shuffle 4K is the next step in high resolution & high quality 3D Printing. Phrozen improved on the already great performance of the Phrozen Shuffle and takes it to new levels.

The increased XY resolution from 47 to 31 micron makes this the highest resolution 3D Printer in its class. By upgrading the ParaLED unit the uniformity and performance is increased even more. Add to this the new printer operating system and you have the best 3D Printer for highly detailed prints available
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    Phrozen Shuffle 4K Highlights
    • Extreme resolution of only 31 µm. Perfect for highly detailed models, jewelry and dental use
    • ParaLED LED Array V2.0 with improved optical uniformity and UV output
    • 405 nm UV-LED. Works with most commercially available resin
    • Single linear rail Z-axis with super fast plate movement
    • High speed, upto 30mm hour
    • Large 5″ high resolution touchscreen for easy control
    • WIFI Connection without dongle
    • Phrozen OS on printer
    • Supported by Phrozen Desktop Slicer
    • Activated Carbon or Silica air filter
    • 1 year warranty¹
    Technical Specification
    • LCD: 5.5″ 4K
    • XY Pixels: 3840 x 2160
    • XY Resolution: 31 micron
    • LED Array: ParaLed V2.0
    • Print Speed: Upto 30mm/hour
    • Build volume: 120*68*170
    • OS: Built-In Phrozen OS
    • Slicer: Supported by Phrozen Slicer
    • Air Filtration: Activated Carbon or Silica air filter
    • Wifi: Yes


    Phrozen 4K User Manual

    Phrozen 4K Software


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