99.5mm (98.3mm with step) Grade 5 Titanium CAD/CAM Discs.

Biocompatible, Grade 5 discs with 760-850 MPa Yield Strength.

SKU: DEN-TI995-08S
Manufacturer part number: DEN-TI995-08S

              The engineering of these non-precious discs allows for precisely-milled and cost-effective CAD/CAM solutions. Only the highest quality and strength of materials is used to produce these discs. In acc. ISO 13485.

                  Our German-made Ti Grade 5 (T1-6-4 or Ti-6A1-4V). Because of its osseointegrative properties, Ti Grade 5 is the material of choice for dental implant applications, crowns, bridges, and partial denture frameworks.


          • Biocompatible (Nickel and Beryllium Free!)
          • Light weight and easy to mill
          • High strength
          • X-Ray radiolucent
          • Corrosion resistant
          • Low thermal conductivity (12x lower than gold)


          Health Canada Medical Device III License approval is pending for all non-precious metal products.

          Products specifications
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Titanium (Grade 5)
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Bondable
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Yield Strength: 760-850 MPa
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Elongation: 8%-14%
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Tensile Strength: 825-985 MPa
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: Density: 4.4 g/cm3
          KERA™Ti-DISC Features: All Sizes Available with or without Step Ring
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          98.5mm PMMA Blanks

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          Product Features:
          • FDA (510K) & Health Canada Approved
          • Can be used as a long-term temporary , per manufacturer studies
          • Plaque-Resistant
          • Made in Germany, Stocked in the U.S.
          • Plaque & Abrasion-resistant
          • 16 Vita®-Classic Shades A2-D4
          • 4 Bleach Shades
          • Long-term use okay, per manufacturer studies


          3.0mm TiSiN BALL END MILL

          3.0mm TiSiN Ball End Mill