Introducing the Versamill 5XS Precision Dental Machining Center

June 02, 2015

The new Versamill 5XS is a compact 5-axis dental machining center designed for the wet or dry precision machining of copings, crowns and bridges.

The 5XS can accept input from any dental design program and work with a wide variety of dental milling materials including; wax, zirconia, PMMA, glass ceramic, lithium disilicate and Lava Ultimate.

With precision ball screws, linear guides and rigid frame the Versamill 5XS shares many of the same high quality, durable characteristics fo the larger members of the Versamill family - at an extremely attractive price point.

In head-to-head feature and specification comparisons, the Versamill 5XS out-shines the most popular low-cost dental milling machines on the market today - at comparable or even lower price points.