iMetric L1 Series Dental Scanners

Based on decades of experience in industrial metrology, the provider of the most accurate scanner in the dental market –Imetric 3D SA – has developed a new, affordable and accurate scanning system for use in the dental laboratory.

The IScan L1 is the scanner for standard indications like crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays etc. including multi-die scanning

It can be upgraded to the version L1m, which adds the capability of scanning single & multi implant based restorations.

In case even more precision is needed, the system can be upgraded to L1i with 0.005mm industrial accuracy.

IScan Lli offers ultimate precision. It is therefore also suited for the digitization of multi-implant models, allowing the production of passive fitting, large-span, screw-retained structures.

The I Scan L1 and Llm are fully up-gradable to Lli. Includes Impression holder & Standard Accessories.

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    The IScan L1 is your best choice for scanning dental models and impressions. Thanks to the optimised scanning function for impressions you no longer need to create plaster models based upon your impression. Simply mount the impression in the Imetric impression holder and scan. It's as simple as that!

    Do you need to digitize your inventory of dental models? With an average time of 3:30s for maxilla, mandible and relation you have to fastest and most convenient tool to free up that office area in no time!

    Highest precision for implant-based restorations
    Since a passive fit is specifically important for implant-based restorations, I metric has developed special implant position-ing methods. They are used in combination with metallic scan adapters, high-precision pieces with very tight tolerances of less than 5 µm.

    Scan indications
    L1: lmpressions,dental models and check-bites -standard indications, such as crowns and bridges, partials, dentures, inlays/onlays etc.

    Lim: lmpressions,dental models and check-bites
    -implant models for the production of custom abutments and multi-implant restorations (in addition to the afore mentioned standard indications)

    L1i: lmpressions,dental models and check-bites. wax-ups, high-accurancy determination of implant positions and orientation with scan adapters.

    Open output formats
    Open file output for exporting to multiple dental CAD applications. 

    Integrated workflow for exocad. 

    Output formats: STL, color obj, color ply, color wrz (for integration with Digistell) and xml (for implant positions)


    Technical Specifications                                                                                       

    Technology Heterodyne phase shift-based structured white light combined with photogrammetry 
    Scan Volume Diameter 110 mm, up to 80 mm height 
    Resolution Two cameras, 1.3 Mega Pixels 
    Resolution 2 mega pixels (2 Cameras)

    < 5 µm (depending on surface of object)
    < 10 µm (depending on surface of object)
    < 15 µmover complete arch
    L1i only:< 5 µm for implant positions scanned with I metric certified scan adapters
    Dimensions 29 cm width x 36 cm depth x 52 cm height
    Weight 15kg
    Power 100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 2A