Imes-icore Compatible TiSiN Coated Carbide Ball-nose End Mills

Faster, Wet or Dry Machining with Titanium-Silicon Nitride Coatings.

Together, titanium and silicon (TiSi) make an outstanding team for nitride hard material coatings. Silicon guarantees excellent resistance to oxidation while the presence of titanium ensures particularly hard coatings. When combined, the two elements are wear resistant even at very high temperatures.

TiSiN-coated burs are extremely wear-resistant and permit high machining speeds. Machining operations without the use of coolants also pose no problem. Even tough materials such as nickel-based alloys and titanium-based materials are easy to machine using titanium-silicon nitride-coated burs.

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    These Masterpiece titanium silicon nitride endmill burs are made from an upgraded line of our standard endmills. Made from carbide, they are designed specifically the the machining of hardened materials. Extensive R&D went into finding the right tooling materials and developing the technology to form a TiSin layer of uniformity and of the highest hardness.

    Features Include:

    • TiSiN coating maximizes resistance to wear
    • Heel clearance design enable smooth chip flow
    • 30 degree helix
    • Breakage-resistant design
    • Laser Treatment minimizes run-out

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