Hummingbird Notebook Workstation

Manufacturer part number: HML-N-100-UU-BE0
Amico’s new Hummingbird “Workstation on Wheels” is an industry first. The patented state of the art induction technology easily integrates into existing workflows, allowing clinicians more time to focus on patients and not on the cart.

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    HMW non-powered laptop US power IN/OUT low prof handle ergo keyboard
    which includes:

    • Cart Type: Laptop, low profile handle
    • Power System: Non-Powered
    • Height Adjustment Mechanism: Pneumatic Generic
    • Keyboard Tray: Ergonomic
    • Laptop Weight on LCD Mount: TBC
    • Work surface with spill guard
    • Antibacterial Keyboard and Mouse
    • Mouse Holder

    IMPORTANT: the above part number is a generic SKU number for mounting a typical
    monitor. Additional Mounting Plates may be required for some monitors. Peripheral
    items such as module housing, printer hangers, etc., are available. Please confirm the
    make and model of monitor and other items you will be mounting prior to shipping or
    upon finalizing a purchase order. Additional charges may apply.


    Download the Hummingbird Brochure