DOF Freedom Scanner

DOF Freedom Scanners are high-end 3D scanners developed exclusively for dental CAD/CAM applications.

Features Include:
  • Open System
  • Implant Bridge and bar Accuracy
  • Fast Scan Times
  • Proven Reliability

An excellent laboratory scanner for models and traditional impressions. Freedom scanners are designed to make scanning experience as easy as possible, even for a CAD/CAM novice. An intuitive, wizard based scanning workflow will minimize the learning curve for dental technicians.
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    Twin Camera Technology
    The DOF Freedom Scanner boasts a function for obtaining a single set of data with two cameras. Therefore, precision of the data obtained is highly superior when compared with other scanners which obtain data with a single camera.

    White Light Scanning
    The white light scanning technology allows the user to obtain data that are much clearer than the conventional laser type. This feature realizes clearer (noise-free) 3D data.

    Deep Scanning
    The DOF Freedom Scanner has a narrow angle between two cameras, therefore it can ensure securing line of sight for complicated models such as impressions.

    Sharp Margin Lines
    The The DOF Freedom Scanner employs high-resolution cameras, and is designed for the optimal measurement of sharp margin lines.

    Variable Scanning Size
    Perfect for small models such as inlays, onlays and implants, it is possible to select the most appropriate scanning areas for the models.

    Compact Size
    With dimensions of 212mm X 340mm X 449mm, the FreedomHD is the most ideal scanner for use in labs with limited space.

    DOF Freedom Specifications                                                                                       

    330mm x 495mm x 430mm
    Light Source Structured white light LED
    Moving Method SSS Method
    Camera Resolution 2 mega pixels (2 Cameras)
    3D Scanning Area/Point Spacing 80mm  X 60mm X 60mm
    Weight 15 kg
    Accuracy 10 µm (may vary depending on model working enviornment)
    Power AC 110 V ~ 240 V, 50 ~60 Hz