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Phrozen, a 3D printer company that is developed by engineers based in Taiwan who’s major development focus is on DLP-based and LCD-based resin 3D printer.

The focus on this 3D printing technology is due to the fact that this technology can save users printing time and at the same time replicate their designs with ultra-fine detail.

Excellent mechanical design, dedicated RD work in optical engine, Aluminum-CNC parts, and the use of high-quality components (linear rail/ball screws/ball bearing) are key elements of Phrozen 3D printers.

Moreover, Phrozen printers are based on an open platform that allows for the use of 3rd-party printing materials. You can choose whatever resin you prefer to use with your Phrozen printer. That's Phrozen, a high quality, cost-effective, and open-minded 3D printer company.  hrozen 3D Printers Deliver

Phrozen focuses on functionality and features the best Z-stage in its class with its propriety ParaLED Optical engine. Resulting in the best large format 3D printer in its class.

In optical systems for resin 3D printers; light intensity, wavelength, and optical path highly influences printing quality and efficiency. Conventional LCD 3D printer tends to use thumb-size COB LED with Fresnel film. This leads to less than desirable light uniformity where the light intensity is less in the edge areas. The major focus for these printers is on cost reduction.

Phrozen’s own ParaLED Optical Engine uses LED array matrix with the size same as LCD panel. Prozen also narrows down the LED emission angle to make it as parallel as possible. That way, they can increase the efficiency of light passing through the LCD’s and, therefore, improve printing speed and quality. 

Eliminate Wobble WIth Ultra-Stable Z-Axis

Z-axis wobbling is a big problem for most entry level resin 3D Printers.

You will find that the Z-axis of many 3D printers are not fixed on top (or just simply put a cap on it). Overall Z-axis design on these printers is based simply upon an optical axis and rail shaft. This results in severe wobbling during 3D printing process, especially for large & high models.

Instead of implementing a simple optical axis and rail shaft, Phrozen uses twin linear rails, ball screws, and ball bearings with aluminum, precision CNC-machined parts on their printers allowing them to assure linearity and minimize the impact of loaded forces during the printing process.



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Shuffle XL 2019

Introducing the new and improved Phrozen Shuffle XL 2019 model. Faster and even more accurate because of the new ParaLED 2.0 XL. The big and easier to read touchscreen has a new and improved user interface. This new touchscreen combined with the all new OS makes the new 2019 model easier to use. Connect through WiFi, with Ethernet or print from USB, it’s your workflow, your choice.

With a 8.9″ High Resolution 2K LCD and a print volume of 190mm x 120mm x 200mm. This power house delivers where others fall short. Using the new ParaLED 2.0 XL UV LED array of this printer delivers full build plate exposure of almost 100% even lighting. Now your able to use the entire build area without hot spots.

Phrozen kept the already perfect z-axis for XL 2019. The proven twin linear guides with Ball Screw and Optical End-stop ensures perfectly smooth movement, no upgrades needed.