Axsys Introduces Game-Changing Versamill 5X400 with Special Price Promotion

November 05, 2017








Contact: Christie Braykovich
Axsys Dental Solutions



Axsys Introduces Game-Changing Versamill 5X400 with Special Price Promotion

Expands Capabilities of Versamill 5XS to Create Most Capable Dental Machining Center in Its Class



Wixom, MI. – November 2, 2017  –  Further expanding its portfolio of products, Axsys Dental Solutions, a leading supplier of digital dental manufacturing solutions, has  introduced the small-format, industrial-quality Versamill 5X400. The machine expands upon the capabilities of the tried-and-true Versamill 5XS to provide a compact 5-axis machining center that ensures maximum flexibility and versatility. The 5X400 features an expanded 10-station ATC, enhanced rigidity and vibration dampening with increased weight and drive motor encoders for a closed-loop axes drive system that provides increased accuracy and repeatability - without continuous time-consuming, machine calibrations. High-quality features not found in competitive products assures a significantly longer lifespan than its competitors and the trouble-free production of metal and soft material restorations of superior quality for now and in the years to come.

The open-source Versamill 5X400 can accept input from any popular dental design program and process virtually any dental milling materials including wax, zirconia, acrylic, composites, glass-ceramics and others. Features like its heavy-duty aluminum frame, .5kW spindle, large diameter pre-loaded ballscrews, closed-loop drive system, linear guideways, and zero stack tolerance rotary axes with heavy-duty gear reducers enable owners to quickly manufacture restorations of unmatched quality– without heavy margin reinforcement and a lot of profit-robbing, error-prone post machining hand work.

 “Pound for pound the 5X400 provides more capability and reliability than any other machine in its class,” stated President Steve Braykovich of Axsys Incorporated.  “There are many internal changes that go to increased rigidity, performance, simplified operation and higher-quality restorations. Weighing in at 100 kg, the increased weight, 10 station ATC, increased B-axis rotational limit to ± 35 degrees, closed-loop drive system and the ability to run on 110VAC are what I consider to be huge and important differentiators between not just the 5X400 and the 5XS but also any other machine of its size or in its price point on the market. The 5X400 is a real machine and an impressive one at that.”

Axsys Dental Solutions is launching the new machine with special starter packages that includes all of the necessary elements to get up and running as quickly as possible. Packages start at only $35,950 and include: Versamill 5X400, CAM software, training and starter packages for tooling and materials.

Versamill 5X400 overview:

·         5-Axis dental milling center capable of 5-Axis simultaneous machining including undercuts.

·         Closed-loop position control assures accuracy and eliminates frequent machine calibrations.

·         Ability to machine a wide variety of materials including: zirconia, glass-ceramics, wax, Ultimate, titanium & more.

·         Ideal for the production of bridges, copings, inlays, onlays, crowns, models and more -- even titanium abutments*.

·         Long tool life and superior restorative margins and finishes due to rigid, vibration absorbing machine construction, smooth high-speed motion control system and highly efficient high-speed machining templates.

·         Flexible universal fixturing for quick adaption to different materials and restoration types.

·         Integrated HSM machine control.

·         Open architecture design compatible with industry standard software for easy integration into a complete manufacturing solution.

* Not recommended for continuous-duty machining of titanium abutments

Visit for more information on the Versamill 5X400 or its special introductory pricing promotion.

About Axsys Dental Solutions

The Axsys Dental Solutions Division focuses on providing open, digital dental solutions to dental professionals throughout North and South America. Their products include a full line of CAD/CAM/Scanning software, scanners, milling machines, tooling, furnaces, hard & soft materials and FDA cleared implant components.

They have the unique ability to leverage over 40 years of CAD, CAM, and manufacturing experience and its relationships with software, material and machine suppliers to provide dental labs and milling centers with the open products and services necessary to optimize dental restoration design and manufacturing processes and to compete and be profitable in today's digital dentistry world.



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