• VersaMILL 4X 4-Axis Dental Mill

    Designed Specifically for Dental Milling Applications,

    Including: Crowns, Bridges, Abutments, Onlays,
    Implant Abutments & More

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  • 4-Axis Undercut Machining

    The Strength & Rigity of the VersaMILL 4X Coupled

    With the Undercut Machining Capability of Full

    4-Axis Control Provides Superior Surface Finishes,

    Faster Machining Time and Extend Cutting Tool Life

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    4-Axis Undercut Machining

    The Strength & Rigity of the VersaMILL 4X Coupled

    With the Undercut Machining Capability of Full

    4-Axis Control Provides Superior Surface Finishes,

    Faster Machining Time and Extend Cutting Tool Life

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  • Open Source, Quality Construction & High Dependability

    Key to the VersaMILL4X Superior Performance is its Use of Proven Precision, Industrial CNC Machine Tool

    Components Such As: Ball Screws, Anti-Backlash Nuts, Linear Ways, Heavy Duty Spindle, Rigid Fixturing & More.

  • Axsys Provides Complete Solutions.

    Whether You Are Looking to Augment Your Current Systems or Implementing a New Dental Manufacturing System, the Axsys Team of Manufacturing

    Experts Can Provide the Machine, Computer, Machine Stand, Software, Scanner, Tooling, Training and Services to Assure Your Success

  • Superior Surface Finishes

    Superior Surface Finishes

    Whether its Abutments, Bars, Bridges, Individual or Multi-Units the Strength and Regity of the VersaMILL and Its Fixturing, Coupled With the Knowledge of Our Experts Enable You to Produce Restorations of Unbelievalbe Quality, Quickly With the Lowest Possible Tooling Cost.
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    Superior Surface Finishes

    Whether its Abutments, Bars, Bridges, Individual or Multi-Units

    the Strength and Regity of the VersaMILL and Its Fixturing,

    Coupled With the Knowledge of Our Experts Enable You to

    Produce Restorations of Unbelievalbe Quality, Quickly With

    the Lowest Possible Tooling Cost.
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VersaMILL 4X-100 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine

The powerful and fully-featured Arum VersaMILL 4X-100 Milling Center is a 4-Axis, purpose-built production dental mill that provides superior accuracy with high throughput compared to other dental mills.

The VersaMILL 4X-100 is designed as an open source mill, designed to provide owners with maximum flexibility and versatility in a dental manufacturing system. The mill can accept input from virtually all dental design programs, and accept virtually all existing dental milling materials including wax, zirconia, acrylic, composites, stainless steel, titanium, ceramics and others.

The strength and rigidity of the VersaMILL 4X-100 coupled with the undercut machining capability of full 4-Axis control provides superior surface finishes, faster cycle times and greater tool life while allowing you to machine virtually any material with the minimum amount of bench time.

Complete Solution

The VersaMILL 4X-100 in its standard configuration supports the manufacturing of multiple copings, crowns, bridges, inlays/onlays and abutments.

The Axsys team of experts can develop a custom open solution of hardware, software and services to meet your unique goals and objectives. Each Solution includes everything you need to achieve maximum utilization in the shortest possible timeframe.

Components of your solution can include:

  • Dental CAD Software
  • Dental CAM Software
  • Scanners
  • Raw Material Blanks (Zirconia, Titanium, Stainless, Glass Ceramics, PMMA, etc.)
  • FDA Approved Abutment Blanks
  • Sintering Ovens
  • Cutting Tools
  • On-Site Training & Support
  • More...

"Our customers are very pleased with the surface finish they are receiving on their full contour restorations and sub-structures..."

– Chris Brown, Apex Dental Milling


  • 4-Axis dental milling center capable of 4-Axis simultaneous machining including undercuts
  • Machine hard and soft materials (Titanium, Stainless, CoCr, Glass Ceramics,  Zirconia, Wax and More...)
  • Ideal for the production of Abutments, Bridges, Copings, Crowns and More.
  • Long tool life and superior surface finishes due to extreme stability and minimum vibration realized from rigid construction
  • Dual coolant tanks for easy swapping between metal and zirconia
  • Flexible universal fixturing for quick adaption to different materials and restoration types
  • True 4-Axis operation with with 360° rotation
  • Includes PC and monitor integrated into heavy duty machine stand
  • Compact Design suited for small office spaces, milling centers or laboratories
  • Open architecture design compatible with industry standard software for easy integration into a complete manufacturing solution

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There are many interrelated factors that affect a DMC’s (Dental Milling Center) reliability, speed and accuracy, the three most important of which include the spindle drive system, machine control and axes drive system.

The spindle drive system provides power to the cutting tool to remove material. The control (or machine operating system) is the brain of the DMC and coordinates machine motion.

The axis drive system  determines how smooth the motion of the DMC  is and how it translate into parts that are consistently accurate with the required surface finish quality.

Most dental milling systems available today lack the rigidity of construction and fixturing, quality components, speed, versatility and size to effectively produce the various restoration types from the soft and hard materials that are required of them to maintain or grow their business.

The VersaMILL 4X-100 eliminates these issues by providing a single, cost-effective, compact and easy-to-use open platform high precision dental milling machine constructed from heavy duty, reliable components utilized in heavy industrial applications that can be implemented in any lab enviornment.

Choose the VersaMILL 4X-100 for your next purchase of a dental machining center; it may well be the only machine you will ever need.

Contact Us today to learn more about the Axsys Advantage so we can put our experience to work for you.

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Product Details

The amount of force and wear and tear that a DMC’s spindle must endure means the design of the spindle and the quality of the parts buried within the spindle is vital to the DMC’s spindle’s performance and its lifespan.

Quality components not only determine longevity of the spindle, they determine how the spindle handles speed, torque and vibration. Key considerations include; style (belt or integral motor), bearings (type, lubrication and cooling), motor, shaft and housing.

The Versamill addresses these considerations by utilizing a rigid, high quality and reliable precision spindle system that is also economical. The VersaMILL's high speed air cooled spindle can operate at high rpm while producing minimal run-out at the cutting tool edge allowing for long tool life and outstanding surface finishes; without the need for expensive tooling systems such as shrink-fit, polygonal clamping, micro collets and others.

The quality of the axis drive system is also a function of the construction of the frame and the axes way system. This is the key area in the construction of a machine tool as it determines rigidity, vibration damping capacity, and resistance to side thrust. It's the balance between these three critical areas (power, speed, accuracy) that you must evaluate against your current and future needs to get the best buy for your money.

Additionally the type of axis drive motor (servo or stepper) and motor control system (open-loop or closed-loop) is important to assure positional accuracy, repeatability, smoothness of motion, vibration, tool wear, quality of surface finish and quietness of operation.

The VersaMILL’s closed-loop servo motor system is the system of choice in a quality DMC as it avoids the positional/repeatability accuracy, noise and maintenance issues associated with open-loop systems that rely on stepper motors to drive the machine axes.

The VersaMILL 4X-100 Has Many Time & Money Making Features That Makes Operation and Maintenance a Breeze. Take a Look Through the Slides to Get a Small Glimpse of These Features.

Small enough to fit through the front door of your office building, the whisper quiet VersaMILL is at home in any lab enviornment.
Rigid Rotary Axis
The VersaMILL's Precision Universal Fixture is Fully Supported on Each End to Assure Rigity
Necessary to Produce High Quality Surface Finishes With the Longest Possible Tool Life.
Axis Drive System
The VersaMILL’s Closed-loop Servo Drive System Coupled with its Linear Guide System with
Ball Screws and Wide Way Surfaces Provide Stability,While Allowing For Smooth, Accurate
Motion at Extremely High Feed Rates.
Spindle Drive
The use of lifetime lubricated ceramic bearings, stainless steel housing and built-in motor
protection guarantees high precision, high quality and long life.

Quality Construction Equals Reliability, Repeatability, Accuracy & Low Maintenance. High Quality Features Not Typically Found in Competitive Products Such as; Linear Ways, Ball Screws Heavy Duty Components, Rigid Fixturing and More Assures Dependable Production of Metal & Zirconia Restoration of Superior Quality For Years to Come.

Contact Us today to learn more about the Axsys Advantage so we can put our experience to work for you.

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G enerally Speaking, 4-Axis machining is a manufacturing process where computer numerically controlled Axes moved in 4 ways are used to manufacture parts out of metal or other materials by milling away excess material. Typical CNC tools support translation in 3 axes; multi-axis or 4-Axis machines also support rotation around one or multiple axes.

The number of axes for multiaxis machines varies from 4 to as many as 9. Each axis of movement is implemented either by moving the table (into which the workpiece is attached), or by moving the tool. The actual configuration of axes varies; therefore machines with the same number of axes can differ in the movements that can be performed.

Which is right for you? Generally Speaking, I comes down to analyzing each individual’s current business and future goals and objectives and making a decision of how much of your hard earned cash you have available or want to invest back into into your business at a given time.

    Such analysis might include:
  • Number of cases a day/week/month/year requiring the use of thicker stock.
  • Number of cases a day/week/month/year with bridges that must be milled 5-axis due to angles, undercuts or insertion problems.
  • Although not necessarily an issue (4-axis vs 5-axis), number of screw-retained bridgework cases.

Evaluation of initial investment and cost of ownership in purchasing a more expensive 5-Axis machine vs outsourcing costs for many labs (and even milling centers) could make the purchase decision for a 4-axis machine a fairly easy and wise one.

    Remember not all 5-axis machines are created equal. Although some of relative importance, 5-axis issues to consider:
  • Slower toolpath calculation time
  • Longer milling times
  • Potentially less accurate
  • Increased stock utilization/consumption
  • More complexity with additional moving parts, mechanics/electronics that can fail, require calibration, etc.
  • Axes rotation angles. If angles of rotation are limited many of the cases mentioned are still not possible utilizing 5-axis operation.
  • Of course CAM software capabilities and the 5-axis programming techniques that are available or supported for a machine (i.e. tool axis control through lead/lag, point/line/curve; machine strategies supported, support of 4-axis operation (to minimize waste) when 5-axis is not required.)

These issues are precisely the reason we have introduced our VersaMILL 4X. Through the above analysis and consideration, we see the need for labs and milling centers to invest in both types of machines.

C ycle Time. How long does it take your mill to machine a (insert restoration type here)?

This seems to be an area that the digital dental labs and milling centers are most concerned with and can likely be a key criterion in their purchase of a milling machine.

Of course machine cycle time is important but it is in reality, not a true gage of a milling machines production and effect on overall throughput and profitability.

While the VersaMILL is capable of producing single unit zirconia restoration in as little as 6 minutes and titanium implant abutments in less than 20 minutes, our answer to this questions is typically: “How long do you want it to take”?

This may, on the surface, appear to be a flippant answer but in reality we are quite serious. Often time sacrifices are made and indeed even tolerated in the pursuit of fast cycle times.

    Sacrifices that include:
  • Decreased Cutting Tool Life
  • Increased Manual Bench time
  • Decreased Accuracy
  • Inferior Surface Finish (i.e. Occlusal Surfaces)
  • Poor Feature Definition (i.e. Margin Definition)
  • Increased Design Time

Does it make sense to be able to pull a restoration off of the milling machine in 4 minutes only to spend another 10 minutes on the bench to clean it up OR determine it is unacceptable thereby having to re-make it OR spend additional time designing the restoration to avoid machine issues OR spend additional money on expensive diamond tooling due to improper feed/speed rates, OR to sacrifice finish or detail, etc.?

The achievement of high quality, in terms of work-piece dimensional accuracy, surface finish, production rate, wear on the cutting tools and economy of machining in terms of cost saving are the main challenges of modern dental manufacturing.

Machine stability in terms of vibration dampening characteristics of the axes and spindle drive systems, spindle run-out, machine positional accuracy, cutting tool materials and geometry, machining parameters such as speed, feed, depth of cut and CAM programming strategies all play a factor in enabling you to reach your throughput and profitability objectives. We at Axsys not only have the PRODUCTS, we even more importantly, have the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to maximize their effectiveness in pursuit of your goals and objectives.

With our products we can provide you with the throughput you need to be competitive while enabling you to ship superior product to your customers while yielding high, predictable profits. You may even find that with the VersaMILL and our expertise, an extremely quick return on investment can be realized in zirconia restoration alone; thanks to the tooling cost savings associated with our extremely long tool life (in many cases over 200 units per tool) from tooling that costs a fraction of what competitive solutions offer.

The combination of the rigid machine structure and the 60,000 rpm, 1.4 kw spindle enables the VersaMILL to machine hard and soft materials, while maintaining fine tolerances. With a feedrate over 1,000mm per minute productivity is high and cycle times are low.

The VersaMILL conforms to our philosophy of Open Solutions for the dental laboratory. It can be driven by any open CAM system and can utilize material readily available on the open market. It comes as standard with fixtures compatible with cartridges for holding 98.3mm discs of PMMA, Zirconia, Titanium and Cobalt Chrome. Fixtures for other shapes and sizes of work piece are available upon request.

The VersaMILL is normally run “wet”, using pure water for flushing the cutter when machining PMMA, Zirconia and glass or using coolant for metals. The 60,000 rpm spindle potentially allows very small cutters (e.g. 0.3mm Ø ball nosed cutters) to be used so that even the finest detail can be machined to a high precision.

Easy to Use. The machine is designed to be used by a dental lab technician, not necessarily by an experienced CNC operator! The PC based control has a very simple to use Graphical User Interface and can be configured to almost any language required. A video camera is supplied as standard and can be viewed remotely via the company network or internet to enable visual access to the work piece during machining for monitoring or diagnostics purposes. Contact Us today to learn more.

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VersaMILL 4X-100 Machining Center Specifications

Travel Limits (X,Y & Z Axis) 250mm X-Axis, 116mm Y-Axis, 110mm Z-Axis
Travel Limits (A Axis) ± 180 Degrees
Maximum Feedrate (X,Y & Z Axis) 6,000 mm/min
Maximum Feedrate (A Axis) 3,000 mm/min
Spindle 60,000 RPM 1.6Kw Air Cooled
Automatic Tool Changer 8 Tools w/Tool Breakage Sensor
Rectangular Material Block 100mm X 100mm X 28mm
Circular Material Block 98.3Ø Disc
Machine Dimensions 623mm (W) X 780mm (H) X 1735mm (L)
Installation Space 1100mm (W) X800mm (H) X 2005mm (L)
Weight 300 kg
Gross Weight (For Shipment) 365 kg
Maximum Power Comsumption 4.8kw / 24.4 amps
Average Power Consumption 2.4kw / 12.5 amps
Power Supply 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Single Phase

Financing Your Investment in Technology

Making a commitment to quality and excellence means making a commitment to a higher level of manufacturing and the advanced technology requied within its components. It is these high quality, technologically advanced components that will enable you to realize the many benefits of your commitment.

Just as Axsys is here with the most technologically advanced equipment and expert engineering services to help you stay at the leading edge of competitiveness, you will also find us to be a great resource for obtaining flexible, affordable financing; financing that helps you implement even the most extensive dental manufacturing systems.

Axsys sales professionals are experienced in equipment finance, manufacturing and the market for machine tools. We leverage our relationships with highly qualified and respected financial resources. Our financing partners are experienced in the pricing, structuring, documentation, equipment valuation, tax, accounting and credit underwriting of software, hardware and service solutions for the dental industry. With these relationships we can assist in obtaining you a financing structure that best suits your company's cash flow requirements as well as your current and future goals and objectives

Leasing equipment has become a valuable tool for our customers in acquiring machines, hardware, software and services. Whether it be a Capital Lease, Operating Lease, we can work with various sources that can be creative and design transaction terms, types and structures to match your cash flow, tax and accounting objectives.

    Leasing Benefits Include:
  • Cash Conservation With 100% of Hardware, Software and Services Financed
  • Obsolescence & Inflation Prevention, Enhancing Your Flexibility to Manage Technological Change & Economic Uncertainty
  • Preservation of Your Credit Line Making Cash Available for Other Needs
  • Fixed Payments Not Affected by Interest Rates
  • Maximize Tax Benefits Resulting in Substantial Cash Savings


The corporate tax benefits associated with the aquisition of new equipment have been extended and increased from $130,000 to $500,000. The results of this SECTION 179 Tax Incentive can provide up to a $500,000 write off in the year 2013

Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction: This deduction allows a company to deduct the first $500,000 of equipment (Section 179 Property) purchased in 2013 from their taxable income. For companies purchasing (or leasing with a $1 or $101 buyout) up to $2 million of equipment, this deduction is available in full. It then phases out on a dollar for dollar basis for amounts over $2 million. This valuable tax incentive is retroactive for 2012 as well. Qualifying purchases you made in 2012 can now be eligible for the new, higher deduction limits.

Additionally the 50% BONUS DEPRECIATION previously due to expire after the year 2012 has been re-enacted for 2013 allowing for additional cash savings. Please consult with a qualified accountant to determine how these benefits may apply to you and your business. Click Here to learn more more about Section 179.

Explore Lease Financing Options

"I'm very impressed with the tool life we are seeing from all of the tools in this mill..."

– Chris Brown, Apex Dental Milling

Implant Abutments

Move ahead of your competition by providing high-quality implant abutments profitably, at twice the speed and quality of competitive solutions.

Our highly-rigid fixture with tailstock offers full support of the abutment blanks, increasing surface finish and tool life.

Our team of experts have produced high-quality, time and cost saving templates for our FDA-cleared abutment blanks for popular Nobel, Zimmer, 3i, Astra and Straumann interfaces.

With the VersaMILL 4X you can stop outsourcing your implant abutment business and increase your profits by as much as 300%.

Dental Bars

Expand your business by providing high-quality dental bars of reliable fit and finish.

The strength and rigidity of the VersaMILL 4X enable our team of manufacturing experts to utilize the most effective machining techniques learned from years of programming, fixturing and machining extremely complex parts made of the hardest of materials.

You can count on the VersaMILL 4X and Axsys to provide you with all that is necessary to produce a high-quality product, in the shortest timeframe with minimal bench time and tooling costs.

Zirconia, Glass Ceramics, Models and More

Whatever the restoration type or material, the VersaMILL can handle it and Axsys can show you how do it efficiently and profitably.

With tooling costs and machine cycle times at only a fraction of our competitiors, cutting tools that last over 200% longer and unbeatable quality, Axsys and the VersaMILL 4X are the logical choices to take you to the next level in your dental business.

Contact Us today to learn more about the VersaMILL 4X and the Axsys Advantage.

...Because It's More Than Just About the Machine.

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