Whether you are looking to augment your current systems or implement a new Dental Manufacturing System, the Axsys Team of CAD/CAM and Manufacturing Experts can craft a solution to meet your needs and assure your success.

Watch the testimonial videos, read the articles and listen to Restoative Dentists and Prostadontic Specilists that have successfully implemented the inPractice solution into their practices. Hear what it has meant to their practices and how Axsys Dental Soluitions has been there to assure their success. View the video that details that which makes our inPractice solutions superior to the other popular solutions available.

Please take the time to explore our Company and Service pages to find out more about us our vast experience and how we can guide you to a smooth and successful implementation of the inPractice solution. Check out our Versamill 5X200 and Versamill 5XS pages to gain an understanding of the importance of CNC machine construction elements and their affects on milling time, margin integriety, reliability and operational costs.

Visit the Multimedia Gallery which will provide additional imagery of the Versamill Precision Dental Machining Center's many features and the quality of its construction. Here you will also find examples of some of the high-quality restorations that are quickly produced from the inPractice's SCAN, CAD, CAM and high-precision Multi-Axis Dental Machining Center solution components - components that will provide you with the Axsys Advantage.

Axsys Dental Solutions In the News

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Dentist Uses Premium Machinery for In-house Laboratory Ability to mill precision abutments same-day with Versamill 5X helps fulfill mission Khaldoun Attar, DDS Sun Dental & Denture READ
Mechanical Skills Help Drive Former Racecar Crew Chief's Laboratory Open system, ability to customize are keys when purchasing CAD/CAM equipment John Noel, CDT Noel Laboratories Inc. READ


Custom Implant Abutments

  • Over 30 Years CAD/CAM/CNC Experience Enable us to:
    Evaluate Machine and Cutting Tool Technology to Provide Only the Most
    Reliable and High Performing Machines and Tooling to our Customers.
    Effectively Troubleshoot Machine and Tooling Problems.
    Quickly Analyze and Solve Machining and Restoration Design Problems.
    Effectively Assist in the Modification of Machining Templates to Address:
    Severe Restoration Design Features
    Changing Production or Quality Requirements
    New Materials or Processes
    Even From a Remote Location
  • Providing the Most Comprehensive Abutment Machining Solutions
    Handling the Widest Variety of Design Features and Characteristics
    "All I can say is Thanks A lot! This is what we REALLY needed."
    "Please give my appreciation to everyone on your team."
    "This is a milestone for us."......... Geoffrey Sheen DDS, MS  Mustard Seed Dental Studio
  • Couple Axsys Expertise with the Quality and Precision of Versamill
    Technology to Produce Restorations of Superior Quality    
    Compare their best on the left with that which you can acheive with the Axsys Advantage on the right
    Razor Sharp Margins
    Perfect Fits
    Under 1 micron Ra Surface Finishes
    Completeness of Final Machined Product
    Minimum Post-machining Benchwork
  • Superior Abutment Machining Capabilities
    Automated Machining of Even the Most Severe Abutment Designs
  • Enhanced Design Libraries
    Undercut Internal Radius
    Excessive Reference Stock
    Smooth Blend to Base of Preform Blank
    Virtually Eliminates Hand Finishing
    More Flexibility in Abutment Design
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 1
    Extreme Subgingival Radius
    Near Vertical Supragingival "Flange"
    Occlusal Undercut
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 2
    Small Subgingival Concave Radius
    Requires Special Tooling & Machining Consideration
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 3
    Combination of Steep, Narrow, & Wide Supragingival Surfaces
    Tall Unit Requiring Versamill Machine & Fixture Rigidity
    Malformed Margin-line
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 4
    Extremely Large Divergance Angle
    Extreme Depth Requires Special Rough &
    Semi-finish Machining Considerations
    Supragingival Machining Challange
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 5
    Massive Screw Channel Intersects Seating Area Requiring
    Specialized Machining Strategies and Cutting Parameters
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 6
    Subgingival Undercuts
    Large "Clocking" Channel
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 7
    Complex Case Requiring the Most Effective
    Balance of Both Subgingival & Supragingival
    Severe Undercuts
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 8
    Large Divergence Angle with
    Severe Subgingival Undercut
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 9
    Extremely Small Subgingival Radius
  • Complex Abutment Design: Case 10
    Under-cut Margin
  • Couple Axsys Expertise with the Quality and Precision of Versamill
    Technology to Produce Restorations of Superior Quality